Our Campaign

Supporting new and renovated libraries, 2009 - present

The Palo Alto Library Foundation has launched a $4 million campaign to fill our three new and renovated libraries and one new community center with all the things that make them work. Our job is to raise enough money to buy books, computers, bookshelves, tables, and chairs. Please make a generous gift today!

At this time, we have one library closed for construction. We’re raising money to be sure that when each renovated library reopens, there will be plenty of chairs for people to sit down, enough shelves for the books to be displayed, and lots more computers. The city cannot use the Measure N bond money to pay for what goes inside the building, so please help these important projects succeed by making a generous gift today.

Here are the items we need in our new libraries:  


Our modern libraries need modern furniture that is durable, accessible, and designed to meet the needs of thousands of patrons.


We need dozens more computers, electronic displays, download stations, and conference equipment for our new libraries.


We hope to provide thousands of new books, DVDs, and electronic resources in the Mitchell Park Library when it reopens in 2012.

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