We have 7 enthusiastic board members who love books and want the best for Palo Alto's libraries.
Bern Beecham
Bern Beecham Vice-President
Bern has served Palo Alto for nearly 20 years, first on the Planning Commission and then as a City Councilmember and Mayor. Bern has always placed a high priority on improving the city's infrastructure and physical assets. He campaigned strongly for the successful 2008 library bond measure and is pleased to help with the Foundation's campaign to fill our new Mitchell Library.
Alison Cormack
Alison Cormack, Campaign Co-Chair
Alison Cormack's favorite author is Wallace Stegner and her first library was in Amherst, Massachusetts. Alison loves the library because her kids are so quiet when they get home from the library with new books to read.
Lynn Drake
Lynn Drake, Operations Manager
Lynn Drake's family visited and used the libraries wherever they lived growing up. It was always a fun family outing and they would each be lost in stacks emerging with a handful of new books. She continues this ritual with her children and loves helping build the new libraries for Palo Alto.
Gail Foelsch
Gail Foelsch, Donor Recognition & Special Projects Manager
Gail Foelsch remembers her mother taking her to the small library in her town when growing up and how excited she was to receive a library card in her own name. One of the first things she did when moving to Palo Alto over 20 years ago was get a library card so she could once again read as many books as she wanted. She continues the tradition with her children -- taking them to the libraries as toddlers and watching them sign their own name to get their first cards. She is excited to be part of the building of new libraries here in Palo Alto.
Lenore Jones
Lenore Jones, Treasurer
Lenore Jones's favorite authors are Larry McMurtry and Alice Adams. Her first library was in Seaford, Long Island, where she worked all through high school. Being in a library makes Lenore feel content and peaceful, and she has been known to cry while attending openings of new libraries.
Pandu Nayak
Pandu Nayak
Pandu Nayak has always loved to read. Growing up in India, he considered himself to be a voracious reader. But his notion of "a voracious reader" has been completely redefined by watching the number and variety of books that his daughters read with their access to our unmatched public libraries!
Lynne Russell
Lynne Russell, Secretary
Lynne Seymour Russell's favorite author is Mark Salzman ("Iron and Silk", "The Laughing Sutra"). Her first library was the Dana Branch Library in Long Beach, California. Lynne loves the library because her life began when she got her first library card and took home a big stack of good books!
Susie Thom
Susie Thom, President and Campaign Co-Chair
Susie Thom’s love of reading and libraries began in grade school where she often spent her lunchtime at the County Library next to the school. The librarians knew her favorite authors and always set aside new releases for her. A long-time community volunteer, Susie has served on many city task forces, committees, and election campaigns, including the 2002 and 2008 library bond measures. She is a former Chair of the Library Advisory Commission and looks forward to working on the Foundation’s capital campaign to fill the libraries with books, modern furniture, and up-to-date technology.
Lanie Wheeler
Lanie Wheeler
Lanie Wheeler was raised in a home located one half block from the public library in Cambridge, Massachusetts where she spent many hours "playing" with her best friends Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys and the Bobbsey Twins. A resident of Palo Alto for the last 41 years, Lanie has been active in the community, serving on several non-profit Boards, the City's Planning Commission, and the City Council. Lanie served as Mayor in 1996.
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