About Us


The Palo Alto Library Foundation is a nonprofit organization working with our community to provide significant resources to our five libraries. PALF was founded in 2001, operates with a 7-member board of directors, and has over 1,000 donors. PALF's nonprofit status was obtained in 2002.

Our supporters can be found throughout the city. The results of their generosity can be seen at the renovated Children's Library, a treasure that has been polished and expanded to share with children the magical world of books and reading.

Most recently the newly renovated Downtown Library reopened in July 2011. Thanks to our generous donors, the library is filled with comfortable modern furniture, new computers, and state-of-the-art display and meeting technologies.

Please join us as we continue our efforts to build a modern, vibrant library system in Palo Alto!

What are we working on now?

We are working on an ambitious capital campaign to fill our new libraries with the books, computers, shelves, and sofas that will make them come alive.

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